So shall it be

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Not sure how this song came to be, but I was playing this very Nick Drake ‘ish’ guitar part in open C, and somehow the idea came to me to write a song about the Revelation of John found in the Bible.  I wanted to write about the Revelation from a different perspective, though – from the perspective of the Apostle John himself.  I’m not going to even try and tackle the eschatological elements found in this book.  No, this song is about the humanity of John’s revelation.  He must have thought he was going crazy as he received this fantastical vision from above while stranded on Patmos.  And, how would it be received by those who would find out?  Much of the language is pulled directly from the book itself.  “A sword in his mouth, cuts away all my doubt.”  Peace.  – Nathan

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  1. Toby A DuBose says:


    Great work! I love the rich content and the layered harmonies (Tiffany too)! When we finally get public worship back on track, you should sing this one in church. Thank you for using your gifts so faithfully and so well!!!

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