bombs over Jerusalem

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I penned these words after watching the nightly news the other day.  The report covered another bombing in Jerusalem. During the ‘man on the street’ interviews with the locals, you could hear babies crying in the background…the smoke still smoldering amidst the fresh rubble. It seems that violence and turmoil follow the Jewish people.  There’s also the end times babble that link current news headlines to Biblical passages.  It’s hard to know what to make of it all sometimes.  Here are my thoughts….”Waiting for your return are these flashing signs or perceptive clues?  A plucked sentence of two from an unknown page can say anything about You.  Information age, knowledge explosion.  I agree these are the last days, but are we at the end of the age?  Bombs fly over Jerusalem, while the world debates.  Another Holocaust and the sweat paved streets, children skip to the beat.  The sound boucing off the narrow, ancient walls.  How much blood will be shed?  A baby’s cry pierces the night.  But I know you’re in control.  The last sentence of the last chapter of the last verse was written before You created the Universe.  I don’t have to understand that’s not what you ask of me. You just want me to believe.”

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2 Responses to bombs over Jerusalem

  1. wes says:

    great song, like how at the end whether intentional or not you can hear the little ones in the background…I actually had to take off my earphones to make sure it wasn’t Autumn, ha!

  2. admin says:

    It was unintentional, but happened to fall right after I sing “a baby’s cry pierces the night.” Kind of cool how it worked it out. Thanks for the comments, Wes.

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