Straight to You

Listen to - Straight to You

In times like these there’s only one place to turn – straight to You.

My heart’s bleeding through the ice and snow nowhere to go /  but straight to you in the first breath of the morning that’s all I know / In the last fumes of the night, I’m replaying all my fears / In the fast forward and rewind, it’s hard to tell whats real / It’s hard to tell what’s real is the present a reality / Or are the shadows whispering and they’re always questioning / My every move, knocking at my door / Real peace is that too much to ask for / I feel foolish cause’ we’ve been given so much / A thousand silver spoons / Beautiful children, beautiful rooms / Nowhere to go, but straight to You / These days I’d rather be alone left to think / Inside my bubble, I want to hide away / Shut out the light, run from the day / I should be laughing and giving thanks / I feel foolish cause’ we’ve been given so much / Healthy kids, a job with a raise, a heated box to decorate it’s true / Nowhere to go, but straight to You

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