The First of the Lasts

Listen to - The First of the Lasts

I recently read a book to my kids by Karen Kingsbury entitled “Let Me Hold You Longer” which inspired this song.  We are always pushing our children to conquer the next developmental milestone.  We push them to walk, clap for their first words, breath a sigh of relief when they’re potty trained, beam with pride as they learn to read and write, etc.  But for every new ‘first’ there is a farewell to the ‘last.’  The last time they crawl, the last diaper change, the last time they ask for help to ride their bike, the last time they bring you a flower ‘just because’…..So get out your kleenex box and turn it up!  Hope you enjoy the new tune.  “Sometimes I wish the time away, but right now I want to pause the track – enjoy the first of the lasts.”

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2 Responses to The First of the Lasts

  1. Jim says:

    Very beautiful Nathan. Mom & Dad

  2. Terri says:

    Hi Nathan, This is Dale on Terri’s web site. That was a beautiful yet sad song. Listening to the music and looking at the picture of Samuel emphasized how fast time flies and that this moment is gone forever, whatever moment it is. Keep writing! Love, Dale

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