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I wrote this song 10 years ago today when my nephew, Noah, was born.  I was enraptured by the miracle of life and the thought that my brother was now a Daddy.  So here is little birthday present for you, Noah.  One day you’ll grow up to be a man…getting closer every day.  We love you and pray for you daily.  Hope you like it.      – Uncle Nathan (#1 Uncle!)

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3 Responses to Noah

  1. Noah says:

    Thank you so much. I never knew I had my own song, and I do like it! I’m so glad I have you for a #1 Uncle. I also like how you always make up funny songs. I can’t wait to see you, Tiffany, Kate, Samuel, and Luke again. Love, Noah.

  2. What a beautiful song, Nathan! How special to have it to listen to on Noah’s tenth birthday. I couldn’t listen without tears and gratitude to God for his special life. It is a wonderful thing to be close to your brothers and a tribute to your parents for who you all are.

    Hello to all the family. Glad to be reacquainted to your blog. Bonnie

  3. Beautiful. How special this will be for him! This year Drew’s wife had a baby on that same day. 🙂

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