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This week marks my 10th anniversary working at my job.  Hard to believe how fast a decade can fly by.  When I first started working it was just a job – something I was doing in the immediate to earn some money and gain experience, but not my end state.  I was going to do something great and change the world!  Over the years we added a house, a kid, another kid…and another kid, and suddenly this ‘job’ became a career.  I’ll never forget the moment when this realization hit me.  I had just turned thirty and we had just brought home our second child.  I pulled into my work parking lot and I thought, “This is for real.  This is it.  I’m actually doing this.  I need to start taking this more seriously.”  It’s like on the movie Three Amigos when Lucky (Steve Martin) gets shot by a ‘real bullet’ and realizes that his fight with El Guapo and his entourage is real (and not a Hollywood ruse).  Choking back tears he says to Dusty and Ned, “This is real.  We’re all going to die.  I’ll go talk to him man to man.”  It switched for me at that moment and it was hard to swallow.  I had a super cool, downer song planned for this post, but my wife changed all of that.  She threw me a surprise ‘10th anniversary’ party with my closest friends and coworkers.  I was humbled (and a little embarrassed) to say the least.  This is what life is all about.  God, family, friends – it’s about relationship.  It’s about responsibility.  A man is rich who has a few close friends.  Or to quote a famous line from It’s a Wonderful Life, “No man is a failure who has friends.”  Sure I’ve earned a paycheck and gained valuable work experience over these past ten years, but I’ve also provided for my family and made many friends along the way.  In the end we’re all replaceable in our various places of work, but true love and true friendship remain.

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  1. Joe Morrison says:

    Very nice article and really professional picture of the medal. Yes, you have some great friends. But great applause to your wonderful wife and her very kind and sincere words and Steve for contacting all of us.. The ten year event was very nicely done and with great taste. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


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