Eyes Wide Open

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This song was born out of a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine; a kindred spirit.  Some walk through life blindly accepting all that is before them.  They are content with routine and have no extracurricular hobbies or interests; just work, eat, sleep and media on repeat.  Others are keenly aware of their surroundings and situations with open eyes to all the pain and joy this life has to offer.   I’m actually envious of the former.   He’s just like me/ One of the few/ Eyes wide open/ Makeup removed/ We’re all actors on a live stage/ Playing our parts in the day/ Feeling the weight of the ozone/ Crushing our dreams/ Milk white bones/ Our eyes our wide open/ We were made for more than this/ The burden for a calling still persists/ He said he has dreams at night/ A new uniform/ A different view, who can confirm the truth/ I need divine revelation, not advice from others in chains/ 20 years bound in a screenplay/ Back and forth dialogue/ Tears on my face/ Laughter scribbled in the open space/ I feel the earth shaking/ Sinking in quicksand/ Throw me a lifeline if you can/ Save me from myself/ My sin, glowing neon/ In the thinkless night/ Oh and it’s gone.

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One Response to Eyes Wide Open

  1. Dan Losh says:

    I like your website and I really enjoy your songs, and your writing and guitar playing style. Some of the melodies are just beautiful. I’m glad you’re writing them on a regular basis, so I can enjoy new ones and old ones alike.
    Thanks for putting these out here for public consumption, and please keep up the good work! You are very, very talented! Regards, Dan

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