Secrets I Can Never Tell

Listen to - Secrets I Can Never Tell

Well, here it is.  This is the end.  48 songs (and 1 bonus song) in two years.  When I posted my first track back in Jan 2011, this day seemed a long, long way off!  So much has happened these past two years  (we’ve had two more kids and moved to a new house to name a few).  I don’t know how I was able to keep up with this extra commitment, but when you set a goal and adequately plan, just about anything is possible.  To those who have kept up and listened here and there to the songs, I thank you. This project has forced me to write, to record, to track down my memories and thoughts and commit them to melody.  I don’t try to write songs.  They just find their way into my mind in the random spaces of free time.  I never really thought anyone would hear many of these songs.  I write for myself and for my family.  I write out my thoughts as therapy, really.  Call it journaling or poetry or prose or whatever.  These are the secrets I can never tell…thanks for being a listening ear! -Nathan

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a serenade

Listen to - a serenade

Bonus song!  I can’t believe this project is winding to a close.  I have so many more songs to share that will have to wait for another time and place.  In the meantime, enjoy this serenade.  Final post next week!  Peace.

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Reunited Again

Listen to - Reunited Again

I guess it’s been two years now (about this time in December) when my grandmother, Momma Jo, passed from this world into Heaven.  She was an amazing woman.  I remember her molasses cookies and apple pies – those were some of my favorites.  She always carried herself with so much dignity and grace.  In the sunset of her life she contracted Alzheimer’s disease.  This is such a devastating disease and was especially sad to see in Momma Jo, because she was always so mentally sharp.  She loved genealogy and kept the family oral history alive by telling us stories from the past.  And at the end when she couldn’t remember any of us and could barely communicate – she still had that smile.  This is my tribute to Momma Jo.  “Now you’re dancing in Heaven with your man.  Reunited again.”

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Could have been

Listen to - Could have been

We don’t choose our life.  It chooses us.  I’ve been listening to a lot of new artists lately, one of which has been Johnny Flynn (British folk singer and contemporary of Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons).  I got caught in a YouTube death trap watching video after video of this guy and I thought, hey, I could have done this.  This could have been me.  We all think this way sometimes, right?  We look at our seemingly mundane lives and wonder what could have been.  What if we had chosen a different career path or followed our adolescent dream of being whatever we thought we wanted to be.  I could have sold everything and followed my dreams, but where would that have led me?  “But I guess that wasn’t in the cards for me.  No it wasn’t in the stars for me.  I’m wrapped up pretty in my suit and tie, tucked all cozy and nice in my suburban life.”  I’m a bit deterministic these days.  I’m living the life that was designed for me.   I could have been… but then it wouldn’t be me.  I wouldn’t have these songs to write and stories to tell.  Thanks for listening whoever you are and wherever you are.  -Nathan

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thinking too much

Listen to - thinking too much

It was several years ago, but as relevant in my mind as a fresh coat of paint; when I questioned my salvation and questioned everything I previously knew to be true.  It was a dark time and one that I would not readily or willingly step back into.  And at the end of my gnawing questions and intellectual pursuit, I was left with a base need for God.  He took me to an emotional low point, totally broken, where I was willing to accept Him on whatever terms He devised.  I was thinking too much and not trusting enough.  Got a good song out of it, though!  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6

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trading E for ID

Listen to - trading E for ID

Loving this weather lately.  The leaves catching fire in vibrant yellow, orange and red.  And to think some believe it all happened by chance…random molecules colliding to form all this intricate beauty.  I’m trading evolution for intelligent design.  Hope you enjoy the tune.  – Nathan

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Luke’s song

Listen to - Luke's song

As I’ve stated before, I try to write a song for each kid when they’re born.  My son, Luke, will turn two here in a few months…man does time fly!  Luke, here’s your song.  I hope you like it!  You are a sweet kid and it’s my honor to be your Dad. Five songs to go!

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So shall it be

Listen to - So shall it be

Not sure how this song came to be, but I was playing this very Nick Drake ‘ish’ guitar part in open C, and somehow the idea came to me to write a song about the Revelation of John found in the Bible.  I wanted to write about the Revelation from a different perspective, though – from the perspective of the Apostle John himself.  I’m not going to even try and tackle the eschatological elements found in this book.  No, this song is about the humanity of John’s revelation.  He must have thought he was going crazy as he received this fantastical vision from above while stranded on Patmos.  And, how would it be received by those who would find out?  Much of the language is pulled directly from the book itself.  “A sword in his mouth, cuts away all my doubt.”  Peace.  – Nathan

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bombs over Jerusalem

Listen to - bombs over Jerusalem

I penned these words after watching the nightly news the other day.  The report covered another bombing in Jerusalem. During the ‘man on the street’ interviews with the locals, you could hear babies crying in the background…the smoke still smoldering amidst the fresh rubble. It seems that violence and turmoil follow the Jewish people.  There’s also the end times babble that link current news headlines to Biblical passages.  It’s hard to know what to make of it all sometimes.  Here are my thoughts….”Waiting for your return are these flashing signs or perceptive clues?  A plucked sentence of two from an unknown page can say anything about You.  Information age, knowledge explosion.  I agree these are the last days, but are we at the end of the age?  Bombs fly over Jerusalem, while the world debates.  Another Holocaust and the sweat paved streets, children skip to the beat.  The sound boucing off the narrow, ancient walls.  How much blood will be shed?  A baby’s cry pierces the night.  But I know you’re in control.  The last sentence of the last chapter of the last verse was written before You created the Universe.  I don’t have to understand that’s not what you ask of me. You just want me to believe.”

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Nothing Wrong

Listen to - Nothing Wrong

Saving some of the best for last.  This is one of my favorites.  Bob your head and sing along!  Hope you enjoy the new tune…eight more to go!

Peace.  -Nathan

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